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An Independent Hair Salon

Our client, Hair I Am, is an independent hair salon located at The Adelphi, Coleman Street.

Corporate Website Development

Nectary team worked with the Director of Hair I Am, Pat, to understand his requirements. Hair I Am has many beautiful photos of clients’ transformation. However, they do not have time to regularly log into a wordpress CMS to update the client gallery on their website. Their Instagram account, on the other hand, is regularly updated. They needed a fast and easy way to showcase their works across all channels.

With that in mind, Nectary Team built a system that allows Pat to update his website’s client gallery via Instagram. We have also designed it in a way that the client gallery is able to categorised the Instagram photos via hairstyles such as short, long, curls and men.

This brings so much convenient to a small business and helps them to keep their online presence up to date without much hassle.

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