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A Boutique for Fine Designer Bridal Wear

RICO-A-MONA is a specialised boutique for fine designer bridal wear. Their boutique celebrates fine workmanship and use only specially imported luxurious fabrics and materials for all their gowns. They carry an eclectic mix of European designs that range from modern chic to extravagantly embellished.

Design Objective

When Rico-A-Mona first contacted us, one of the big reasons for a website redesign is that they needed a website design that is representative of their brand identity. The website should help the brand to portray classiness and elegance. The existing website fails to communicate classiness because of its dated design elements and small visuals.

In fact, being a bridal boutique, Rico-A-Mona has a huge library of beautiful photos to flaunt. And their consumers should be able to see that, and feel a visual impact upon landing on their home page.

View Rico-A-Mona’s live site.

Corporate Website Design and Development Rico-A-Mona Corporate Website Design and Development Rico-A-MonaCorporate Website Design and Development Rico-A-Monaricoamona corporate website Corporate Website Design and Development Rico-A-Mona

Original Website Before the Redesign:

Corporate Website Design and Development Rico-A-Mona



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